Salt Health Benefits: Are Himalayan Pink Salt Minerals a Natural Cure?

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Himalayan pink salt is a salt mined in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan mountains where it forms the major component of salt used in the Indian cuisine. This pink salt is considered a luxury salt and is known to contain trace minerals like potassium, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, bromine and zinc that are found in nature and make the pink color. Himalayan pink salt comes in different forms like tablets, shakers, beads, pouches and crystal salt.

pink himalayan salt

India has the highest number of salt users as it is a mountainous country with high salt consumption rates. Due to high salt intake, people in India have higher than average blood pressure levels and other health issues including diabetes, heart attacks, premature birth, stroke, cancer and osteoporosis. As a result, many Indian governmental bodies have banned the sale and use of artificial salts that artificially raise the salt levels in the body.

In the US, most health experts advise against the consumption of artificial colors and chemicals because they do not contain sufficient nutrients that the body requires. However, many food companies use these additives in their products without consulting the FDA. Himalayan pink salt contains potassium, an essential mineral which is found in the human body and helps in proper nerve function. It also contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, chloride and zinc minerals that provide excellent minerals to the body in adequate quantities.

High blood sugar is a common condition among diabetics and the pink himalayan salt contains potassium which helps lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. Blood sugar levels in normal individuals fluctuate throughout the day. On the other hand, when blood sugar levels are too high, it can cause various health effects including abnormal heartbeats and reduced blood circulation. Pink Himalayan salt contains adequate amount of calcium that controls the level of cholesterol in the blood stream and thus prevents the occurrence of heart diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

High sodium intake is another major health problem in the US and many experts advise against the increased consumption of table salt as it is full of Sodium Chloride. According to experts, high sodium intake increases the risk of kidney stones, heart attacks and strokes. On the other hand, pink salt does not contain any high level of sodium and hence does not increase the risk of high blood pressure.

The trace minerals found in this natural salt have a positive effect on human body. They work as antioxidant that fights against free radicals and thereby reduces the damage caused to the cells and tissues. As a result, they help to strengthen the immune system and boost up energy levels in the body. Calcium, potassium and magnesium are some of the trace minerals that are contained in Himalayan pink salt. These minerals are essential for good bone growth, healthy skin, strong teeth and a strong body.

A salt rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium is very effective in treating various problems including edema, constipation and frequent urination. In fact, these trace minerals act as great constipation relief medicines. However, it should be noted that the negative side of increased fluid intake is the increase in sodium in the blood. This causes hyper sodium which leads to high blood pressure. To overcome this condition, you can reduce the amount of salt in your meals by two or three grams a day.

Studies suggest that Himalayan salt contains more than 40 trace mineral that are extremely effective in improving immune system. These minerals improve metabolic processes, activate thyroid functions, prevent degenerative diseases and promote longevity. These health benefits of pink Himalayan salt have made it an important ingredient in various dietary supplements and health drinks. The salt has also found its use as an antiseptic and in cosmetic products because of its healing properties.

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