A Black Truffle Salt Discovery

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Italian Black Truffle Salt makes cooking with this sweet truffle a delightful experience! Italian Black Truffle Salt goes by many other names, including “Santana” Truffle, “Foilly” Truffle and” Krug” Truffle. It is produced from the finest truffle mushrooms available and comes in three sizes. Each bag contains approximately two grams of fine truffle salt. Sea salt has a higher sodium concentration than kosher salt, but is much less expensive.

Italian truffle is a unique cross between a truffle and chocolate flavors. This is the long way that chocolate has come to mimic the taste of eggs, and now with a touch of truffle thrown in. Just sprinkle some over any dish, from cheesecake to French fries, to roast vegetables to steak, and enjoy the full effect of truffle taste.

The next question you might have is what is truffle oil? This is a very luxurious product that comes from all truffle sources and is not the same as regular cooking oil. Truffle oil goes by the name black truffle salt because it is black in color, similar to the darkness that you will find in the hollowed-out heart of an African black truffle. You can also purchase black truffle salt from specialty shops and health food stores. It’s an excellent choice for making any number of foods.

A long way of using black truffle salt is to make delicious snacks and desserts. One very popular recipe with this salty flavor calls for using it in a simple homemade chocolate pudding. You mix equal parts cream cheese and evaporated milk, stir, and then add about one tablespoon of black truffle sea salt. Give a final mixture a few minutes to mixture, and you have a simple, yet delectable pudding that everyone loves.

You can make a simple dessert of black truffle sea salt by simply melting down a slice of dark chocolate. Then, using a food processor, you grind the chocolate until it is a fine paste. Next, you pour this mixture into your cupcake tin and then add a layer of Graham cracker on top. Finally, sprinkle over some additional black truffle salt to give your dessert with a delicious taste.

Another way to use black truffle salt is on just about anything. For example, you can make a delicious spread for cookies or crackers. Simply melt some of the truffle oil, mix it in with some olive oil, and then apply to either crackers or cookies. Another way to enjoy truffles made from olive oil is to spread them on crackers or cookies. After you spread them onto the crackers or cookies, place a piece of cheese on the top, followed by an olive oil slice to help seal in the flavor.

Sprinkle black truffle onto any kind of vegetable or fruit and you will be adding a flavorful explosion to any meal. Salads, fish, pasta dishes, soups, salads, and casseroles all are enhanced with this salty treat. This is also a good way to incorporate this great, salty taste into your cooking as well. You can sprinkle the salt onto meats that you are grilling, or you can sprinkle it over eggs that you are baking, which will give you a very rich and flavorful breakfast.

No matter how often you use it, you will find that there are many different ways to enjoy black truffle salt. In fact, you might not even realize how much you are using it until you add it to a dish and catch a glimpse of it in the food. This makes this a very popular addition to cheese platters and spreads. Add it to your baked goods for a wonderful taste, or sprinkle it over vegetables and fruits to enhance the flavor of your meal. No matter what you decide to do with it, you will definitely enjoy the wonderful salt that it brings to every dish that you create.

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